A jack of all trades, a master of none

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TGIF…I think.

Well it is winter-ish in Southern Cali and the weather is starting to feel a little more like Northern Cali. The clouds have dominated the skies for the last week and the air is starting becoming more frigid as the days pass. A lot of people, myself included, like to admit how much better the winter time is especially when it comes to dressing up. The only thing about winter is when it arrives and it’s arrived I don’t like it. Yeah I bitch about the heat and the hot winds during the summer, but when it’s cold and gloomy it can bring a persons mood down. I guess that is where I am trying to go with his post, the fact that it is cloudy, windy and cold outside and I am nothing but down this whole day. I have been at work for over 5 hours and I have accomplished zilch. I wander around the hallways aimlessly. I search for pertinent news on the web. I have even resorted to reading a damn “PHP & Python for Dummies” book that I just downloaded off of the net while I was at work! Nothing has even begun to perk my interest today. I knew I was in a bad mood while I was sitting in my weekly Friday, engineering meeting and I realized I was scowling and making faces every time a new voice would say something about what protocol was going to be manufactured next. Fridays are usually the highlight of my week and I can not help but feel total contempt for the existence of life. Ok maybe not so melodramatic, but I am definitely bumming. The end of the day can not come fast enough.  

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